What is the “Notice of Disagreement” (NOD)?

Do you disagree with a decision from the VA and want to appeal? The “Notice of Disagreement” (NOD) is the first step in appealing your claim.

If you received a letter from the VA stating that your claim was denied, or you disagree with the level of rating or effective date assigned, the “Notice of Disagreement” will get the appeals process started.

You can file a NOD on Form VBA 21-0958.

In general, your NOD must be filed within 1 year from the date of the mailing of the VA determination letter.

Your NOD must:

  1. Be in writing.
  2. Clearly express your dissatisfaction or disagreement with the VA determination.
  3. State your desire for appellate review.
  4. Be filed at the VA office from which you received notice of the determination (or the VA office that assumed jurisdiction over your records if your records were transferred). Use certified mail with a return receipt requested. Make sure to keep a copy.

The initial notice from the VA will include several pages describing your appeal options. Read and follow all this information very carefully. Make sure to meet the time limits; otherwise you can lose your right to appeal.

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