Asbestos Exposure and VA Benefits

If you are a Veteran and you served in any of the following occupations you may have been exposed to asbestos: mining milling shipyard work insulation work demolition of old buildings carpentry and construction manufacturing and installation of products such as flooring and roofing If you served in Iraq and/or other countries in that region, …

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What are the Symptoms of PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, nightmares and avoidance. PTSD was not a formal diagnosis until 1980, and effective treatments weren’t widely available until the 1990s. The symptoms of PTSD can disrupt normal activities and interfere with your ability to function. They can be triggered by words, sounds, or situations that …

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PTSD Based on In-service Assault

According to the most current Title 38 regulating Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans’ Relief: (5) If a posttraumatic stress disorder claim is based on in-service personal assault, evidence from sources other than the veteran’s service records may corroborate the veteran’s account of the stressor incident. Title 38 → Chapter I → Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.304 Examples of such evidence include, but are …

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